Approach me with respect and clarity if you are expecting a response. I am discerning about who I will meet, and although I do not discriminate based on age, race, ability-status or other demographic factors please note that any disrespectful approaches will receive zero response.

Complete the reservation form below by providing the necessary details required in each field.  All the information gathered is completely confidential and used only for the purposes of ensuring that I engage safely and that we can both fully relax allowing the co-creation of a safe space to blossom fully.

If you elect to email me directly the process is the same. When emailing, however; for my safety and yours please leave some things to the imagination and save the discussion of your desires for when I have said it is appropriate to do so. Furthermore, I am extremely well-reviewed on The Erotic Review should you need some fictitious, kinky mental masturbation before we meet. 

Understand that I always screen. P411 members will want to send an appointment request through P411 for priority booking. I accept verification also through TER.

When submitting your 3 provider references please include the correct spelling of the ladie’s stage name, email, link to her website (she must have that or an Eros presence), and phone number.

What is most impressive is sending me a link to her TER reviews page along with the last time you saw her…when you impress me you please me. And I like nothing more than that.

For those without references, I will accept employment/identity verification. For this I will need your full legal name; the month and year of birth; a discreet phone number and a blank email from your work account. This email account must look something along the lines of and include a signature with your work phone number or title and department. I need to be able to  confirm you are both employed and who you say you are.

If none of these options work for you, then we will not be meeting until your situation changes. My safety and well-being are of utmost importance to me as any honest seeker of my time understands.


NOTE: A verified provider is one who has her own website, reviews on sites such as TER or ECCIE, can be found on other ad sites such as P411 or TER and has a track record as being reputable, safe and honest. There is nothing inherently wrong with advertising on Back Page but it tends to be filled with so many unscrupulous “others” that this step is very important for mine and your safety.

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