I am the apex of your base and taboo desires that you have been searching for. I am that someone and something that gets deep under your skin and produces a sensation that is hard to pinpoint but yet is oh so very satisfying. As a purveyor of kink and fetish, an encounter with me lingers long after we have parted. Like the Sirens song, I will continue to gnaw at the back of your mind like our biological needs for water, food or air–you simply can’t breathe without a bit of me in your life from time to time.

My company is for that someone who seeks what few can do without prevarication. I blur the lines of kink, androgyny, fetish and GFE into a flavor that is uniquely my own. I seek to know fully the depths of who you are so that together we can explore in a safe and non-judgmental landscape that allows for the fullest expression of who we both are.

There are many who seek the skills and company of a Kinktress but time and again feel short changed by all but a few encounters. What is often lacking is nothing in the way of skill, but in the artistry involved in connecting instantaneously and intimately with one’s subject of study.

I thoroughly enjoy entertaining men, women and LGBTQ+. We can co-create a world of fetish, kink and role play suited perfectly for an evening of fun and debauchery. I will gladly be complicit in any memorable fun you seek to create.

Understand that screening is important for yours as well as my own privacy and my requirements can be found on my website. Also, know that I do not smoke and mind altering substances of any nature is something I refrain from since BDSM, fetish and kink often require a clear mind and a steady hand. With the formalities out of the way, I have only one question left for you…

Are you ready to allow for an experience that goes beyond anything physical and that will take you on a psychological journey where together we can both discover the stuff dreams are made of?


Shay Valentine